Course Name
How The New SPARCS Submission Process Will Be Handled in UDS
Charting Your Path to Achieve DSRIP VBP Goals
Worksheet S-10 Is Here--What Happens to Your Uncompensated Care Now?
MACRA: Provider Challenges and Opportunities
Innovations in Denials Prevention
Quality Leadership Dashboard--Demonstration
NCQA Recognition--The Redesigned Process
The Evolving and Expanding Role of Project Management Software in Healthcare
An Overview of NCQA PCMH 2017 Standards
Innovations in Video Remote Interpretation
Streamline and Integrate Your Enterprise Risk Management Process
SPARCS Reporting: The Year in Review
Fast Track Your NCQA PCMH Recognition
SSI Ratio Management: Proactive Strategies to Optimize this Key Reimbursement Metric
Medicare's CJR and EPM Programs--Lessons Learned from the Field
How Complicated is Your Pre-Authorization Process?
Analytics-Driven Claims Management
Data Analytic-Driven Strategies to Optimize Your Indigent Care Pool Payment
Optimize the Effectiveness of Your Interpretation Services Through Implementation
SPARCS Reporting Changes: ICD-10 and Expanded EODC Reporting
The State of Onsite, Face-to-Face Interpreting
Rounding Center: A Comprehensive Solution for Enviornment of Care Rounding
Navigating the New Sepsis Measure
The Post-Acute Care Perspective on Bundled Payments
Improving the Patient Experience through Translation
How to Ensure Fluency and Competency in Bilingual Staff and Staff Interpreters
Improving the Patient Experience Through the Use of Video Remote Interpreting
An Introduction to Contract Payment Review (CPR)
Managing DSRIP Projects: Setting your organization up for success
Meet SPARCS EODC Data Requirements