Clintegrity 360

Clintegrity 360 - Clinical Documentation Solutions

Now there is an end-to-end, single-platform, transformative clinical documentation solution. This intelligent, web-based Clintegrity 360 system revolutionizes the clinical documentation process by providing an efficient way for clinicians to create more complete and compliant clinical documentation while improving coding and downstream revenue cycle processes.  Clintegrity 360 positions your organization for success, meeting the challenges of ICD-10, value-based purchasing, and delivers the right outcomes for your patients, your clinicians, your organization, and your bottom line.

Technology and services

Clintegrity 360 is a complement of technology and services creating an end-to-end solution for computer assisted documentation improvement, coding and compliance.

Clinical language understanding

The world’s largest medical ontology powers CLU to extract clinical information from narrative and make data actionable. Suggesting ICD-9, ICD-10 codes, and CDI clarifications.


A single platform solution that powers all the key steps in the value chain for computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement, quality, compliance, and coding.

The Benefits

Clinical Document Improvement (CDI)

For over 20 years our CDI program has produced a guaranteed 4-8% Case Mix Index correction. It is a fully managed, end-to-end improvement program that touches all the critical aspects of your institution's clinical documentation process.


Coding solutions bring together all the tools needed to completely and accurately review, analyze, code, and audit inpatient and outpatient encounters within a single platform to more efficiently manage the workflow and enhance coder productivity.


Clinically focused CDI education and evidence-based strategies actively engage physicians in the process of capturing high quality clinical documentation concurrently, that delivers enhanced quality, patient safety, and addresses medical necessity.

Solutions and Services