Partner Services

HANYS Solutions has selected a key group of partners with a proven record of helping hospitals and healthcare organizations run efficiently. Learn more about what our partners have to offer.


Change Healthcare

(Formerly RelayHealth Financial)

Industry leading healthcare revenue cycle solutions, including those for patient access and claims management, as well as healthcare analytics, to help further optimize processes and accelerate payment.


Managed Care Advisory Group (MCAG)

Helps hospitals maximize the amount of funding recovered under settlements of class action lawsuits.

Contract and Payment Review (CPR) and
Recovery Services

Enables providers to ensure that reimbursements received from payers meet the negotiated and contract reimbursement rates.

Nomad Health

A revolutionary technology company that makes it easier to source, evaluate, and hire clinicians. By leveraging technology, Nomad brings significant cost savings, dynamic pricing, and a streamlined process to both the hospital and the clinicians.


Revint Solutions

Provides best in class DSH, Worksheet S-10, and Medicare Bad Debt services. Maximize reimbursable revenues on a retrospective and prospective basis.

Joint Commission Continuous Service Readiness® (CSR®)

Joint Commission Resources, the consulting arm of The Joint Commission, offers a unique, subscription-based consulting service that HANYS endorses called Continuous Service Readiness (CSR).  This service provides members in-person and virtual customized assistance on accreditation, operations, and performance improvement projects.

Language Line®

Offers accurate, timely language interpretation and translation services for limited English-proficient patients and their families.


ONC Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) and integrated services support Eligible Professionals (EPs) through the entire Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting Process, from determining eligibility to choosing measures, selecting a submission option, consolidating data, calculating measures and ensuring that EPs report satisfactorily to avoid penalties.

Verge Health™

A web-based software platform that allows hospitals to integrate compliance and accreditation with patient safety, infection control, quality improvement, medical staff management, environment of care, and many other departments throughout the facility to create comprehensive management solutions.