Nuance Clintegrity Coding Solutions

Nuance Clintegrity Coding Solutions

Nuance Coding Solutions offers web-based, enterprise-wide products and services designed to improve coder productivity and maintain the highest levels of accuracy and compliance. These solutions effectively manage and monitor the compliance coding challenges that can put a health system at risk and delay and reduce reimbursements. Nuance Coding Solutions bring together all the tools needed to completely and accurately review, analyze, code and audit inpatient and outpatient encounters to better manage the workflow and enhance coder productivity.

Ensure complete, compliant claims
Ensure claims are coded completely, efficiently and in compliance with payor and regulatory standards with a single-platform coding solution.

Products and Services

Nuance Clintegrity Facility Coding
Nuance Clintegrity Facility Coding is an easy-to-understand encoder that empowers coding staff with critical clinical, financial, and regulatory information essential for complete and accurate reimbursement. Learn more

Nuance Clintegrity Physician Coding
Nuance Clintegrity Physician Coding is a comprehensive encoder that provides staff with the critical information necessary to improve professional fee coding productivity and ensure accurate reimbursements. Learn more

Nuance Clintegrity Coding Compliance
Nuance Clintegrity Coding Compliance reduces or eliminates reimbursement delays and audit risks by monitoring and updating records to meet regulatory and payor standards before being billed. Learn more

Nuance Clintegrity Coding Abstracting
Nuance Clintegrity Coding Abstracting is an enterprise-wide web-based solution designed to enhance productivity and streamline coding and workflows by structuring, capturing and analyzing clinical and financial information. Learn more

Nuance Clintegrity Enhanced Workflow
Nuance Clintegrity Enhanced Coding Workflow manages complex health information management business processes electronically and automatically distributes and allocates coding, compliance and other HIM work assignments. Learn more

Nuance Clintegrity Record Management
Nuance Clintegrity Record Management is a comprehensive, integrated solution that streamlines record management and accelerates Health Information Management processes to efficiently locate and share patient information. Learn more

Nuance ICD-10 Audit and Education Services
A complete ICD-10 education and management program that includes coding audits and advanced coder education. Learn more