UIS Data System™

Take Control of Your Data with UIS Data System

UIS Data System (UDS) collects, edits, and reports data on all inpatient, ambulatory surgery, emergency department, and clinic activity. UDS ensures the quality and accuracy of data collected…data used by various regulatory agencies, including the Department of Health, to monitor hospital volumes, set rates, and evaluate the quality of care. Real-time edits mean speedier completion and submission of data to the Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS), with no rejections, and provides a complete audit trail of all submissions, making SPARCS accounting simple and effective.

New York's healthcare providers use UDS to take control of their health information data. For over 30 years, HANYS Solutions has been working with hospitals to improve the quality and accuracy of their data submissions. HANYS Solutions recognizes and understands the unique needs of New York's healthcare providers and the impact of regulatory changes on their facilities.

UDS is more than just SPARCS data submission and editing…UDS is a central data repository for trending and mining clinic data and provides on-demand reporting.

Data Extraction

  • SPARCS and DOH Electronic Congenital Malformations Registry reporting.


  • Standard reports give options for filtering and sorting data, including by physician for re-credentialing; by diagnosis and procedure for clinical studies; by case-mix tracking by payer, coder, or physician; and by core measures and New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System (NYPORTS) for quality evaluation


  • UDS clients experience a 99.9% SPARCS acceptance rate because edits are performed “live” in the system and data are corrected before submission.
  • Informational messages identify cases that meet core measures, DOH Registry, or NYPORTS criteria. These include Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) warnings specific to the outpatient code editor, including appropriate Correct Coding Initiative and device edits, as well as Local Medical Review Policy warnings for high-volume areas.

Pricing Methodologies

  • Linkage to Clintegrity 360 Coding provides Diagnosis Related Group, Ambulatory Patient Group, and reimbursement calculations; per diem, tiered per diem, and Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Prospective Payment System; and APC pricing calculations.


  • Available through multiple formats including flexible template driven capabilities.

Ongoing product development and superior customer service and support have made UDS the most widely used SPARCS data submission tool by New York hospitals.