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Strategic Planning

Wayne Durr, Director of Market Expert Services, HANYS Solutions

Market intelligence to help healthcare organizations maintain a competitive market position and grow your business.

As your organization focuses on the dual reform goals of improving population health and reducing healthcare costs, you need current, reliable, and meaningful information about the healthcare marketplace and the diverse communities you serve.

You need solid data on competing providers, physicians, the newly insured, and the prevalence of chronic conditions in the population.

You also need the ability to process complex data with limited time and effort.

Market Expert:

  • offers immediate analysis at an affordable price with minimal information technology involvement;
  • enables analysis at the facility, market, market share, five-year, and ten-year projection levels;
  • offers a deep look into the health behaviors of specific populations to provide custom, comprehensive insight for benefit services and programs;
  • enables you to design and conduct your own product research, identify new product  opportunities, assess relative market potential between competing ideas, and refine product design and marketing approaches; and
  • supports product development through the entire life cycle, without the incremental expenses and inconsistencies of multiple custom market research projects.

Market Expert combines Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS) clinical data with Truven Health’s MarketScan® research—the nation’s gold standard in proprietary healthcare databases— and PULSE™—the nation’s largest healthcare behavior survey, integrated with the Nielsen Claritas PRIZM® Lifestyle Segmentation System.

Market Expert consists of three modules: Demographic Expert, State Data Analysis, and Outpatient Procedure Estimates. Additional modules are available to enhance the intelligence offered through the core Market Expert product.